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B. Voc

Udaan Aeromodelling Club

Aeromodelling is the art of designing,making and flying miniaturized aircrafts and rockets. Any one can build a model plane from any material like Paper, plastic, bottles wood etc. It can be a hobby and sport.
We are pleased to announce that we run UDAAN aeromodelling club at our Neotech Campus. If we thing Beyond teaching activities then there are many areas to learn and enhance. But Space exploration is one of the most interested area as humans have always looked at the heavens and wondered about the nature of the objects seen in the sky. With the development of rockets and the advances in electronics and other technologies in the 20th century.
Now It’s time to learn and make flying model. UAC Udaan Aeromodelling Club (student chapter) give opportunity to participate in different air crafting workshop and seminar. In which all aspirant gets theoretical and practical skill of making and flying the aero model like Rocket, airplane, drone, ornithopter etc. It includes activities like designing and building the new models, rebuilding of the damaged models and flying the prepared models.
We are proudly announcing that this chapter will be inaugurated on 19th April 2022 by its first event “Water Rocket Workshop”. And chapter will open to all to lift this chapter as high as space.