New Course
B. Voc

Dr.Shreeram Toliwal

Campus Head

It gives me pleasure to welcome knowledge seekers interested in building their career through our campus, which offers a broad spectrum of courses for higher education in various fields. Under new leadership, the campus is committed to offer quality to create a brand so that improvement of quality of life takes place for students exiting from this campus. Thinking beyond classrooms and going beyond textbooks is the philosophy of operation of the campus.

The committed and experienced team of staff members dedicated, and versatile leaders of different institutes, ensure delivery of syllabus blended with activity support so that all round development of students undergoing education takes place. Practical Hands On exposure through MOU’s, Tie-Ups with industries, applicational world and other stream specific supportive agencies guarantees growth and development so that emerging students grow wiser, stronger and better with skills which makes them acceptable and utilizable to the marketplace.

The new management is instilling resourcefulness, energy, vigour and giving new directions for horizontal and vertical expansion of the campus. Education is the only instrument by which society and nation can develop and prosper. Delivering education according to 21st century needs is our priority and commitment.

I extend an invitation to all who want to change to face changes to become unique in line with the needs of modern times. I convey my best wishes for a bright future and lofty career to students willing to join us.