Academic Council  
Academic Council
Mr. Bimal Roy
Executive Director ( Neotech Technical Campus )
I extend a hearty welcome to you and invite you to explore the ways in which Neotech Technical campus, Gujarat can help you in realizing your dreams and aspirations through our educational programs. In effect, our students with their experience at NTC can expect to conquer the challenges in life and to compete successfully on a global platform. Their horizons would broaden that will help them to discover the liberating power of new ideas and insights. It is our firm belief that value-based learning at NTC has far greater relevance in a dynamic and ever-changing work environment. We have consciously created a culture that values collegiality and accessibility, with open doors at all levels .
Prof. Pravin Trivedi
Principal ( Neotech Faculty of Diploma Engineering )
It is a pleasure and honor to welcome the students & parents to be a part of NFDE-Neotech Faculty of Diploma Engineering, which is established in the Year 2014. The Diploma holders, acquire specialized skill in the chosen areas, play very important roles in industrial and economic development of the country.
It is my pride to mention that our College has stood above the rest in its approach to education and in its teaching techniques.Our method of teaching is characterized and geared fully to meet the expectations of the students. My first priority is given to create an environment for enjoyable learning in the institute to make our dream comes true.
Principal ( Neotech Institute of Physiotherapy )
As a Principal of Neotech Institute of Physiotherapy, I am immensely pleased to welcome you to the advanced learning environment.
The fact of success initiates with a thought that progress towards knowledge acquisition is through consistent hard work and confidence. Our college offers a vibrant learning atmosphere that empowers society through skilled professionals meeting out the challenges in the industry.We establish a distinct motive to provide quality learning with the utilization of modern education methodologies.NIP stimulates the learning motive of the student to determine the professional talents that are essential to function as an expert.We make the students to explore the latest practices in the Physiotherapy field. Our college provides an opportunity for the students to think intellectual through various interactions of academic experts.
I take pride that our faculty members are highly qualified and competent in teaching as well as clinical practice. We often conduct workshop, seminars and CME to expose our students the advancement and recent trends in the field. We encourage our students to participate in research activities, along with our faculty members to publish articles in Indexed Journals, paper presentations, and culture activities to enrich their mind, body and soul.
NIP is well known for the consistent academic performance. We offer a diversified culture to sharpen young minds with competence and professional skills through value-added education. The students are sculptured with the advanced education along with the ethical values to provide a talented professional improving the society.
I look forward you to associate with us to improve your career journey that explores innovations and creativeness in your field of study.
" An Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest "

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