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MOUS & Tie ups

When NTC and companies work together, students get amazing Opportunities to:

Internship and Training Opportunities:

Companies can offer internships, co-op programs, or training opportunities to college students, providing them with practical experience and exposure to real-world scenarios. This benefits students by enhancing their skill set and making them more employable after graduation.

Job Placements and Recruitment:

MOUs can establish pathways for job placements and recruitment between colleges and companies. This can include recruitment drives, career fairs, and networking events, facilitating the transition of students into the workforce.

Access to Facilities and Equipment:

Colleges may gain access to specialized facilities, equipment, or technology owned by partnering companies, enhancing the quality of education and research conducted within the institution.

Learn by Doing:

Freshers can work on real projects from companies and good opportunity to be placed as an intern, applying what they've learned in class to solve actual problems. It's like hands-on Practical Knowledge that makes learning way more exciting.

Get Good Opportunities:

Sometimes, these partnerships lead to internships, mentorship programs, or even job offers for students. It's like a sneak peek into their future careers, right from college.

Stay Updated:

Companies can share the latest trends, technologies, and skills that students need to know. So, when students graduate, they're ready to hit the ground running in the job market.

Overall, MOUs between colleges and companies are all about making education more practical, relevant, and fun for students. It's like bringing the real world into the classroom, so students can be ready for whatever comes next!